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format_quoteThat was a gamechanger, when we found easededge, because it truly met our needs... If you're in the stone business, this is the software to use.... it really is!format_quote

Roxanne - Owner of Alpha & Omega Stone

Great software makes teams efficient and customers happy

Everything is easier when all your information is in one place


Online storage for photos, drawings, and documents


e-Signatures and contracts


Customer and reseller information


Invoices, estimates and payments


Customer related conversation and job notes


Tasks, age alerts, and customizable job flow

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Simple and Powerful Scheduling

Create calendars and events that are accessible on all devices to keep sales, fabrication, installation (and anyone else) on the same page.

play_circle_outline Scheduling in Easededge

Invoicing and Estimating

Email professional quotes and invoices directly from software and get notified when the email is opened, or if the email bounces. Create estimate templates and quickly convert estimates to invoices.

Quickly identify and collect payment on unpaid invoices.

play_circle_outline Estimating in Easededge

Job Drawings

Quickly calculate the square footage of a job and attach job drawings to an estimate. Layout pieces on a slab with images and convert drawings to estimates.

play_circle_outline How to layout pieces on a slab

Contracts and eSignatures

Email contracts to your customers to sign online, offer the convenience of signing from any device, and be notified when agreements are signed.

play_circle_outline eSignatures in Easededge

Robust Reporting

Identify sales trends, top selling products, and most common job issues.

Identify bottlenecks and opportunities to make informed decisions.

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format_quoteI love it! Easededge is so easy to use, everything is right there... it just works.format_quote

Denise P - Project manager / scheduler

Everything you need in one software

With no additional cost per feature



Automatically assign tasks when a customer enters a status to keep customers moving through your pipeline.


Online storage

Upload pictures, drawings, and other files related to a customer or job.


Spectacular job management

Customize your pipeline to perfectly fit your job flow. Get alerted when a job is stagnant for a time period you set.


Issue tracking

Easily flag remakes, installation errors, and other issues, so they don't get lost. Report on issues to identify and reduce costly mistakes.



Email contracts to your customers, and allow them to sign online.


Triggered emails

Automatically send emails to your customer or team when a customer enters a status



Grant or deny users access to pricing, scheduling, and other functions of easededge


100% mobile friendly

One click to make a phone call or get directions. Calendars and customer data information optimized for mobile viewing.

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format_quoteCommunication with my customers has been fantastic. Anytime anything changes, I can immediately update everybody right from my phone.format_quote

Adam H - Sales rep

Fair and straightforward pricing

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$495 / month

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